We implement, enhance, and monetize card programs.

Utilizing exclusive offers from top spend and expense management organizations, Expense Bull is a consulting agency that empowers corporate business via financial software solutions and card-based platforms.

Who are we?

Expense Bull is a team of well-respected individuals known to dominate the pre-paid, corporate card, and AP automation industry. Partnered with and trusted by leading spend and expense management platforms across multiple countries, we are highly skilled professionals that have brought 10,000+ card programs, both physical and virtual, small and large to fruition. Read More

What we do

Expense Programs

Branded Card programs to control employees & workforce spend. Earn revenue by offering new products to clients.

AP Automation

Optimize and monetize your accounts payable to improve cash-flow and financial controls across your company.


Take advantage of payroll partners delivering real-time payments with customizable controls.

Credit Cards

AMEX for executives. We offer rewarding deals for mid-market and enterprise organizations.


Explore benefits of gift cards and reward programs to enhance client and employee retention.


Learn more about partnering with our leading spend management and financial software firms.